Airline Policies

Learn about discount luggage rates of major airlines
and how to save money when using media ID card.

Airline policies

Clearly label all your cases with your company name and contact information, whether checked in and carry on. All luggage should have your company name and, ideally, the logo as well. Make sure that the logo and company insignia are prominently displayed - loud and clear! If you don’t already have professional cases, it is best that you acquire such cases. Safe to say, it helps to look the part.

If you have your business' credit card with your name and company, present that credit card with your Fly With Media ID card when checking in.

You should always conduct your own research to determine which airlines may suit you best depending on what you may be bringing and where you may be going.

Get to the airport super early! Most times, you need to go to the service counter and present your Fly With Media ID when you are checking in. For domestic flights, I think it is best to arrive at least 2 hours prior to your flight.

Surprisingly, a lot of airline agents don’t know their own policies when it comes to rates for media luggage. While I am sure it may seem frustrating, please be kind in explaining to them their own policy or direct them to their own website.

You may be wondering whether curbside check in is a better option. It worked a few times for me, but I would suggest not wasting your time - it’s really hit or miss with the media rate on curbside.


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