How FWM was born

Hi, I’m Jeff and I’m a DP who always travels with my own video equipment. Ever since I could remember, I have always tried to utilize the airports policies to my advantage when traveling for work with checked baggage.

The ID card I had developed for my media company some 10 years ago resembled more of a library card then what it is today. However, even with such a basic form of affiliation with a media company, I was able to save hundreds on the airline fees. As my company became more sophisticated, I wanted my card to look more professional. So, I researched thoroughly for printing company that may be able to produce such card, but I was only able to find a dead end as most card printing services were in bulk, cheap looking and didn’t incorporate EMV chip.

After years of travel, thorough research and dozens of revisions, trial and error, I came to the ultimate version of what it is today. A lot of my counterparts in the media industry wanted their own ID card, so I went ahead and started printing. Thus, Fly With Media was born.

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