Save hundreds
with media ID card

Get reduced airline media rates when flying with your equipment

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Airline Policies
For filmmakers and creators
who travel with their media gear

How it works

Get reduced rates
Airlines offer special media baggage rates for those working in the creative industries.
Meet airline guidelines
Fly With Media ID card can help you to meet the airline guidelines when traveling with checked equipment.
Save $$$
Reduce excess baggage fees and save money on covered flights!

ID specs

The ID card is high quality and custom printed for your individual media company affiliation conforming to the guidelines of major airlines.

Each ID card has an embedded EMV chip and magnetic strip, which will be provided to you blank and may be loaded with information at your discretion.

What creators say

Using the FlyWithMedia badge has been a big help when I fly with lots of pelicans and gear I need to check. I have saved a lot of money!
Scott Macklin
Producer, ASL Productions
“The airline agents have never believed me ....”
Cameron Price
Nature Photographer

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