Frontier Airlines Media Rate: Conditions & Price

Frontier Airlines is a popular low-cost carrier that offers affordable airfare, low baggage fees, and great customer service that will make your travel experience as hassle-free as possible. If you're a media professional planning to fly with Frontier Airlines, you might have some questions about how to transport your gear: 

  • Does the airline have a media rate?
  • What are the conditions and fees associated with transporting media equipment on this airline?
  • Do you need to show a media ID?
  • Is there any way to reduce travel costs?

In this article, we'll answer all these questions and more. We'll give you all the details about Frontier Airlines media rates for transporting media equipment, including weight and size restrictions, pricing, and tips for keeping your travel cost down. 

Frontier Airlines Media Rate Program

At Frontier Airlines, your safety and the safety of your belongings are the top priority. The company follows strict policies to ensure that everything is transported securely, including baggage with your media equipment.

However, the company doesn’t provide fixed prices for transporting media bags. You can bring media equipment such as cameras and video gear on board as carry-on or checked baggage. This means that the final costs will also depend on the standard pricing of checked and carry-on baggage.

  • Carry-on Baggage

You can bring camera bags, video equipment bags, or other small media equipment as carry-on baggage as long as it fits under the seat or in the overhead bin. But be aware that there are size and weight restrictions that depend on your fare type and route.

Keep your carry-on items under 24x16x10 inches to avoid fees ranging from $35 to $60. You can get the best deal by booking early and purchasing service bundles like The Works or The Perks. Elite members get one free carry-on bag.

  • Checked Baggage

You can pack your media equipment in checked baggage with Frontier Airlines, but remember to keep the weight and size within the limit of 50 pounds and 62 linear inches. The first and second bag fees range from $30-$60 and $45-$55 respectively, with additional bags costing $85-$95 each. Elite 100k members can check one bag for free.

  • Oversized and overweight baggage

Overweight baggage between 51-100 pounds will cost $75 per piece, while oversize baggage with dimensions between 63-110 inches will also cost $75 per piece.

  • Media Baggage Fee

Frontier Airlines charges a fee for checked baggage, including media equipment. The fees vary based on the fare type, route, and when the baggage is purchased. As of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, the media baggage fees were as follows:

  • Purchase at Booking: $30 per bag
  • Purchase Online: $45 per bag
  • Purchase at Check-In Counter: $55 per bag
  • Purchase at the Gate: $85 per bag

To check the airline's website for the latest information on media baggage fees and restrictions, visit Frontier Airlines' official website.

Pros and Cons of Traveling with Media Bags on Frontier Airlines

From affordable airfare and baggage fees to convenient carry-on policies and helpful customer service, Frontier is a great option for budget-conscious travelers.


  • The ability to bring your media equipment on board as carry-on luggage. This allows you to keep your gear with you at all times and ensure it is not lost or mishandled during transport.
  • You can save money and avoid paying extra fees at the airport if you buy your baggage allowance online ahead of time. You can also make sure you have enough space and weight for your media equipment if you buy your baggage allowances ahead of time.
  • If you need to check your media equipment as baggage, Frontier Airlines offers affordable checked baggage fees, which can help you save money compared to other airlines. While additional fees may apply for oversized or overweight baggage, Frontier's fees for standard checked baggage are lower than many other airlines.
  • Lastly, Frontier Airlines is known for having friendly and helpful customer service, which can be especially important when traveling with media equipment.


  • Frontier Airlines is a low-cost airline, so flights may have fewer amenities and be more crowded, which can make it difficult to travel with large equipment. To make the most of your packing space, it may be necessary to plan carefully.
  • The company charges additional fees for many services, including checked baggage and carry-on luggage. If you need to bring a lot of media equipment with you, these fees can quickly add up and make your travel expenses much higher than anticipated.

Frontier Airlines has rules about how to pack and protect media equipment like cameras and video gear so that it doesn't get broken during transport. It's recommended that passengers carry valuable or fragile items in their carry-on baggage, rather than in checked baggage.

Fly With Media ID: Reduce Frontier Airlines Media Rates

To qualify for media rates, you must provide valid credentials at check-in, such as a press card or employer letter that will prove that you are a media professional. If you want to save time on finding such credentials, you can use Fly With Media ID as a valid media credential for Frontier Airlines and other airlines. 

Fly With Media ID is a special card that identifies you as a media professional, such as a journalist, broadcaster, or filmmaker. With this ID, you can simplify your booking and check-in process, enjoy discounted rates for media bags, and get access to expedited security screening and priority boarding.

If you're planning to fly with Frontier Airlines and have production equipment, don't miss the opportunity to use Fly With Media ID.

Contact us to learn more about how to get a media ID and the benefits it offers.

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