American Airline media rate

For the majority of travelers, American Airlines takes the top spot for booking a ticket because it scores high in reliability, comfort, and customer satisfaction. The company has a big advantage over other companies because it offers the perfect mix of low prices and high-quality services.

If your creative projects require traveling with photographic equipment, and you want to use the services of American Airlines, the possible questions you may have are: does the airline have a media rate with the same low-price approach as it applies to tickets? Is it safe to fly with media bags on American Airlines?

Let's figure out all the details you need to know about American Airlines media rate.

American Airlines media rate

American Airlines' pricing models for transferring cameras, lighting, film or sound equipment, musical instruments, or any other media equipment are pretty straightforward:

Airline media rate:

  • Domestic journey. Basically, you need to pay $50 for one media bag for a domestic one-way journey.
  • International journey. If you wish to use international itineraries and fly from/to other countries, you must pay a slightly higher charge which equals $90, £60, or €70 for transporting one media bag (the currency may depend on the country from which you plan to make a flight). This rate is applicable to all American Airlines' foreign itineraries.

What is the maximum number of bags you can take?

  • Traveling with American Airlines, you can take up to 25 bags at the above-mentioned airline media luggage rate per flight. The limit is based on the operational needs and rules of regional airline partners.

Excess baggage media rate:

  • Media bags may not exceed 100 lbs / 45 kg or 126 in / 320 cm in total dimensions (max length of 75 in / 190 cm). Overweight fees will apply to musical instruments weighing over 50 lbs / 23 kgs and 80 in / 203 cm. The fees for overweight and oversize bags will be waived.

However, there’s some fine print in relation to weight and size limitations that you should consider depending on the destination. Also, equipment may be subject to embargoes. For example, the maximum size and weight limits depend on the rules for the destination.

It is important to note that American Airlines recommends contacting their service ahead of time to ensure you are a media entity (you use a corporate account, or gouging to visit production movement or media event). Such a request will help you avoid possible delays in the check-in. Besides, you can use this email address to find out more information or ask any questions you may have.

If you want to learn more about American Airlines media rate, you can also check their official website. Navigate to the Audio or Visual Entertainment category to read everything that is related to media bags.

A kind reminder. With a valid media ID, you can get a discounted rate on checked luggage that is significantly lower than American Airlines' standard price (or any other airline). Fly With Media ID offers you such an opportunity and a discounted rate for transporting media bags (cameras, film, videotape, lighting, sound, or any other equipment). Contact us to learn more.

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